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Increase your Home Value with a New Shed Roof!

It is a simple addition but having a proper shed that matches your house and also keeps water seepage to a minimum will increase the value of your home and property. Also it looks very appealing and brings the entire property together in a unified whole. Send us your request on our contact form and […]

Does a New Roof Increase Your Home Value?

Have you ever wondered how much a new roof increases the long term value of your home? It could be 60% or up of your initial cost but… that’s just immediately… remember that roofs come with a 10 year warranty and some shingles even a 25 year warranty on the material itself. So over 10 […]

Do You Know Your Roof?

Have you ever felt like you needed a roofer but you had no idea what you wanted to express regarding your roof due to lack of terminology? Take a look at these images to perhaps shed some light on that topic and feel free to give us a call pinpointing your roof concerns. For further […]

Winter Doesn’t Stop Gable!

As winter rolls around usually the trade professions tuck into warm cozy houses for the winter and ride it out. Well, we keep going and are there for your roofing needs even when the weather is chilly. We are handy to have around after storms but also did you know you can get your aluminum […]

A Recent Before and After!

We just completed a job this weekend and we wanted to show you a few shots of the guys in progress and some before and afters! One of our favourite things is when we get a happy customer messaging in to thank us for making their day better! We definitely have the best customers and […]

Meet the Team!

Hello to our customers from the Directors of Gable Roofing! We recently took over the corporation this last September and we are carrying on the tradition of great roofing quality and service first envisioned and put into action by Mike a ways back. The delivery staff are the same ones you have come to know and trust over […]